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Product Description

Viagra Without PrescriptionGeneric  Viagra, also known as sildenafil citrate is often prescribed to treat symptoms of erectile dysfunction and pulmonary arterial hypertension. Its effectiveness in treating sexual dysfunction amongst women has still not been experimentally proven.
It basically works by increasing the blood flow to the penis thereby allowing men to get and also sustain the erection for longer periods of time, especially during intercourse. The drug was discovered by Pfizer and has become available for the general public to buy since 1998.

What are the medical uses of the drug?

The primary goal of Viagra Generic is to basically treat erectile dysfunction. It is now a standard treatment for ED even amongst those suffering from diabetes mellitus. The drug is of limited use with those affected by pulmonary arterial tension. It was also observed that even for those who suffered from antidepressant-induced erectile dysfunction, Viagra definitely helps.

How does Viagra Generic react in the body?

Viagra contains the active ingredient sildenafil citrate which protects cyclic guanosine monophosphate (cGMP) from degradation caused by cGMP-specific phosphodiesterase type 5 (PDE5) in the corpus cavernosum. Generally, nitric oxide released in the penis binds to the guanylate cyclase receptors, which results in increased levels of cGMP, and smooth muscle relaxation which in turn causes vasodilation and increased blood flow in the penal arteries causing an erection.
Sildenafil inhibits the action of PDE5 type enzyme, but in order for the drug action to take place by itself effectively, it may need sufficient levels of sexual stimulation. This ensures that the NO/cGMP system remains activated causing the erection to take place.
The drug is broken down in the liver releasing N-demethylated sildenafil which is metabolized further. This particular metabolite is responsible for nearly 40% of sildenafil’s action on the body. It is excreted out of the body through feces and to a certain extent through urine.

How long does Generic Viagra take to react?

The effects of the drug will vary from person to person depending on their health, medical condition and dosage taken. As a thumb rule, the effects of Generic Viagra begin to kick in within thirty minutes after taking the pill.
A very important factor to note here is the fact that Viagra alone may not help cause an erection. It must be combined with visual or sexual stimulation.
The drug once was taken, can last up to five hours. This also varies from person to person and a few have observed that the effects of the pill begin to wane within the first two hours itself.
There are always plenty of factors that need to be considered before taking the decision to start Viagra. These include

  • Individual circumstances
  • Medical history
  • Medication currently prescribed

What are common side effects associated with Viagra?

There are several side-effects reported by users such as headaches, heartburns, and flushed skin. A lot of caution has to be exercised especially by those who are suffering from cardiovascular diseases. A rare but serious condition involves prolonged erection accompanied also by hearing loss.
It is always advisable to consult your doctor regarding the medication and dosage. He may be able to guide you better after reviewing your complete medical history.

Does Viagra Generic cause any long lasting effects in the body?

In extremely rare scenarios, when Viagra Generic is taken alongside illegal drugs a condition called Priapism can occur. This is basically a very painful erection lasting for the extended duration of time.
This is a very serious condition and may cause serious damage to the penis. It is of utmost importance to receive immediate medical assistance in such situations.

What factors usually affect Generic Viagra’s effects in the individual?

The effectiveness of the drug and the length of action are dependent on a large number of factors such as,

  1. Age: Men over the age of sixty-five may observe that the effects of the drug remain in their body for longer periods of time as the metabolism tends to slow down with age.
  2. Diet: Having fatty foods before taking Generic Viagra is known to affect the action of the pill. The medication must be taken on an empty stomach.
  3. Alcohol: Alcohol is known to decrease the amount of blood flow in the penis thereby making it harder to achieve an erection.
  4. Dosage: Generic Viagra comes in several dosages ranging from the 25mg to 100mg. As a thumb rule, the higher the dosage, the stronger and longer the effects of the drug in the body.
  5. Health: If you are suffering from kidney or liver problems, Viagra’s effects on the body could be longer. This is primarily because it takes longer for the drug to be broken down by the system.
  6. Drug interactions: A few medicines are known to affect the action of Viagra in the body such as the antibiotic rifampicin. Always consult your doctor before taking the medication.


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