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This generic formulation drug has been manufactured by RSM Enterprises. Sildenafil chewable 100mg belongs to generic medicines category for erectile dysfunction or impotence care and it is popular in the name of Generic Viagra. Since the active chemical ingredient of the medication is similar to the brand drug, the efficiency of the medication is similar to the brand drug. The impotence care drug is less cost than that of the brand so most of the men prefer to use this generic pill. Men can buy Sildenafil chewable 100mg without prescription at our pharmacy. By doing so, men can ready to accomplish hard and solid erection for a certain time period of up to 4 to 6 hours moreover buy cheapest Sildenafil chewable online from at discount price. Medication is known to convey ideal outcomes with sexual desire.

Why is Sildenafil chewable proper dosage important?

This medication is a prescription-only drug, and it is prescribed for male impotence treatment so that impotent men can make use of this medication in order to fulfill their sexual requirements. Proper care required when the dosage of Sildenafil chewable concerned because taking exact dose strength can lead you towards a healthy result. In general, a dose of Sildenafil chewable 100mg pill would be the ideal choice of most of the doctors all over the world, and the minimum time interval should be 24 hours from one dosage to another successive dose. Take the generic pill with a glass of water before 30 minutes of the sexual activity. In case, you could not able to achieve an expected or desired result with current dosage strength, should not increase or alter without doctor consultation because advice from a physician is necessary to be safe as well as to get a better result.

Common precautions to follow

Before prior to take any medication, precautions are essential especially for Sildenafil chewable 100mg tablet in order to save your health. Since the drug is not meant for child use, it should be stored securely at a place which is far away from the scope of children. In addition, this substance formulated for male purpose henceforth females ought to stay away from this drug. The active ingredient of the pills is Sildenafil citrate; individuals who are allergic to Sildenafil citrate compound should not take this drug, and heavy drinkers also need to maintain a strategic distance from the use of the impotence drug. Avoid taking alcohol, grape juice, nitrates along with this generic medication. Fatty foods have the ability to slow down the process of this tablet hence only take the required amount of meal or food before the tablet consumption. Crushing and breaking of the pill influences the performance-enhancing feature of Sildenafil chewable tablets hence take the whole tablet fully to achieve maximum benefits of Sildenafil chewable tablet.

Men who are using this pill for the first time need to take the drug under medical supervision to avoid dependency and tolerance. People with diabetes, illness of cancer, heart-related issues include heart attack have to avoid using this pills. Senior or old people are always advised to use this drug under medical guidance as recommended by their healthcare professional. Following these above mentioned precautionary measures may help in staying away from negative or adverse side effects.

What are the common side effects of Sildenafil chewable?

Sildenafil chewable side effects are negligible or minimal and the side effects of the tablets appear only for few hours and disappear within a day. All the symptoms of the medication are impermanent. The most common side effects of the generic pill are headaches, obscure vision, pain in the body, rashes, running nose, allergic, backache or pain, color blindness, nausea and so on. In case these side effects endure for a long span, it is essential to consult your doctor or seek medical help. In general, there are no danger health hazards associated with Sildenafil chewable 100mg. However, taking this medication under medical guidance is the ideal way to use the drug.

Men can avail many benefits when they buy Sildenafil chewable online from The primary advantage is people can able to purchase their desired medication at low cost, and the active compound of the drug is similar to the brand formulation. In addition, generic medications manufactured as per the World Health Organization standard and also the drug quality has been approved and checked by various regulatory such as FDA.

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Frequently asked questions about Sildenafil chewable

Does Sildenafil chewable and Viagra generic pills are same?

Yes. Sildenafil chewable is one type variant of generic Viagra so that both the drug contains the active ingredient of Sildenafil citrate with respect to their dosage strength.

Who is the Manufacturer of Sildenafil chewable?

RSM Enterprises is the manufactures of Sildenafil chewable and this medication formulated and manufactured under the similar health rules which have been used to fabricate brand Viagra.

Would I be able to take Sildenafil chewable with Alcohol?

Definitely NO, it is not encouraged to use this medication with any form of alcohol because which can lead you to severe side effects.

Can diabetic patient consume this generic pill?

People who are suffering from diabetic, we encourage you to please consult your healthcare professional before prior to take this treatment. Also, disclose to your doctor, if you have any past or current medical histories such as abnormal blood pressure, cardiovascular issues, and liver or kidney disorder.

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Dr. Alex Shteynshlyuger is a reputed American Sexologist who is specialist in dealing with Erectile Dysfunction related issues. This popular health care practitioner has board-certified in Sexology and has been working under the same term for more than 20 years. He is now currently working in private practices and also in various ED related pharma-centers across New York city.

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