About Us

With a spectrum of online pharmacies offering Viagra medication, it is never easy to the ED drug online because there are an overwhelming amount of choices. SupergenericViagra.com was created especially for this purpose. To help ED sufferers by supplying high-quality generic Viagra for fraction of the cost of brand medication. Since price is the main limiting factor in obtained brand pills, we strive to provide a cheap and equally efficient alternative for brand Viagra. Above all, we have an excellent team in place that is skilled in offering the top notch service to our customers. With the perfect combination of unmatchable price and superior quality, your search ends here.

We provide high-quality generic Viagra online

The cheap Viagra pills sold on our website is strictly sourced only from generic manufacturers who are approved by the FDA. Before approving these companies the FDA follows the same guidelines of examining the manufacturing standards and the quality of the Viagra. The verification process is very stringent owing to the presence of many fake pills available in the market place. When you order with us the authenticity of Viagra medication is the last thing you need to worry about. We give absolute guarantee for the quality. We upload a very good reputation due to our best customer service and cheap prices. This makes us the most trusted pharmacy online.

We provide Viagra without prescription

We have no issue in supplying Viagra without prescription because we are well aware that it is a low-risk med. If you are in perfect health condition there is no reason for you to visit a doctor. This would save a lot of time and money as you need not wait for a long time to get a doctor’s appointment. But if you are someone who has some medical condition then you must consult a doctor before your try Viagra medication. Others can enjoy this ED pill without a prescription.

We provide Viagra at 50% lower price

Unlike the conventional local pharma stores, we do not have the burden of maintaining a physical store. Hence all these cost savings via elimination of extra costs translate into us offering Viagra for a significantly low price. At times the price variation can even be up to 50%. Moreover, our bulk orders also enable us to order more quantity of Viagra at once from our wholesalers and gain huge discount which we happily share with our customers with no strings attached. Regular customers are also well recognized as we provide special discounts for our returning customer base.

The best customer care

With 24/7 customer team in place, you can elucidate all your confusions regarding either the medicine, shipment status, payment issues or any other order related queries. You can also get information on how Viagra medication works and what is the best way to us it so as to experience maximum benefit. All your queries are saved in our database to facilitate easier future communication. At any point in time, you can check with our skilled customer team about your past inquiries or present inquiries and we would not hesitate to provide the best of service.
Novice online shoppers especially will benefit from our representatives as they can guide any person through the process of placing an order through our online pharmacy. Although we hope that this would be a prime issue as our mail order pharmacy is launched with a simple design which is easily navigable.

We accept most payment methods

We have many payment options to choose from while making the purchase. We have a credit card and e-check facilities that makes the process of buying Viagra much easy. We also owe to never store your sensitive information and use it in a way that brings harm to you in any way. All the payments are always processed through secured platform and the details of your card cannot be viewed anyone including our own customer representatives.

Order Status and Tracking

You can conveniently order Viagra from our online pharmacy because you are able to see the delivery status of your consignment from the time you placed the order. This is because of the shipment tracking feature present on our online pharmacy. The delivery may take anywhere between one to 2 weeks depending on the location. We ship to all major destinations worldwide. For delivery inquiries pertaining to a specific location, you can check with our customer support team.

We provide Fast Delivery of your orders

We process all the orders and ship Viagra drug typically in 2 to 4 hours. So this is about the fastest service you can find anywhere on the internet. The consignment is shipped to your desired destination in the above specified time. Since ED being a very private issue, we also provide the pills in discreet packaging so as to prohibit strangers from knowing your medicinal needs. This, of course, is done for requested customers. We also have different shipping carriers to choose from, so based on one’s requirements the customers can opt for a shipping mode.

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