Supergenericviagra.com terms and conditions are some arrangement condition that a client/user needs to follow. We reserve whatever authority is a need to process and ship an order at our sole discretion. Thereby, client/users have to comprehend and follow these terms:

  • Our site is an autonomous online store so it should not be associated with dispensing pharmacies, medicos or any third parties at any time of concern. Clients have to provide a valid prescription for their product purchase and supergenericviagra.com should not be considered accountable for any product misuse.
  • Supergenericviagra.com, its workers, shipping office has no commitment, risk with respect to the bringing necessity, proprietary, regulations, patients hold laws of the country to which products are delivered.
  • Customer will get the product at their own risk. If products are seized by the customs officers, lost the liability rest absolutely with the customer. Customers have to provide a letter of confiscation which was given by the customs officer or import authority to supergenericviagra.com. When this condition is coordinated, the customer will be eligible for reship or refund facility.
  • In genuine cases, postal service errors can be entertained by supergenericviagra.com. Supergenericviagra.com is not responsible for attempted delivery or when the customer failed to receive the order at the time of delivery.
  • We may ship various types of generic product medication that contain same active compound and it relies on the availability of the product. Product appearance may vary as shown on the site but the active compound will be the same. Supergenericviagra.com should not be held liable in such situation.
  • When a customer receives a wrong order parcel or damaged packages due to our fault, then the order will be reshipped once this is noticed by supergenericviagra.com and customer have to give their return merchandise number.
  • Order cancellation remains active until the successful order shipment is confirmed after that Order cannot be canceled.
  • The information established on our website is only for information purpose so it cannot be a substitute for a medical prescription, medical advice, self-treatment, cure and so on at any cost. Moreover, supergenericviagra.com strictly advises their users/customers to hold a drug prescription before placing an order or online purchase.
  • Customer agrees to all terms and conditions which means that the customer agrees to these rules and regulations, the customer agrees that these rules and regulations can change at any period of time, the customer agrees to all types of policies such as shipping, refund, privacy.
  • Supergenericviagra.com has rights to ship or cancel any order at its sole discretion. In addition, we hold all the patent rights and laws. Trademarks, logos are the property of their respective owners which should not be associated with this site.
  • Keep in mind that, all content and articles on this site is only for information purpose.