How can I track delivery of my order?

One time the order for the commodity has been placed on our online pharmacy, the tracking linkage intended for the order will be conveyed to the user. By utilization of that, an individual will be competent to track the order consignment and transportation at any period of time. The customer can pick up this order tracking link by means of email or as a message text.

Will you refund if the order is stuck in customs?

Frequently, shipments are held up in customs to verify that the contents of the package and the economic value of the goods were declared accurately. There is little that can be through with to stoppage or speed up these random checks and attempts to such could simply be a wastefulness of time. If your consignment is sent by means of the postal system, waiting is frequently the high-grade option, as tracking is notoriously undependable and frequently it’s improved to rightfully relax. Your shipment will come sooner or later, but it may take some period of time.

Do you have overnight shipping?

Yes we do have follow a system of overnight shipping. However, the consignment has to be ordered by a definite time period and so that the item can be pulled from inventory, prepackaged and presented to the carrier ahead of the evening cutoff time (6PM or 7PM normally.)  The carrier will then require to process the consignment, substantiate the weightiness, put the good in an air container, and load the container onto the aircraft when it is full and ready and waiting to go.

How long will it take for delivery?

The shipping services that is available to us are according to the following policies:

  • We offer a Traditional Delivery Service-According to this system this order shipment may take approximately 15-20 business days.
  • We also offer Express Delivery Service – This order consignment will take a time period of about 8-12 business days.

Do you supply a prescription?

The complete process for acquiring the generic Viagra prescription by means of online consultation is rather easy and takes lesser than ten minutes as you require to find out the accurate online pharmacy for Online Doctor Consultation, and then have to sign-up for the medical practitioner session with the selected drugstore. The online medical practitioner would be communicated to you via Skype or phone and being asked you to state your medical condition in elaborated form. The doctor will the proceed to creating a prescription for Viagra Generic pill on the basis of your age, gender, as well as the problem intensity level.

Do you have brand medication in stocks?

Yes we do have brand medication in stock.We do post notices related to on-going issues that may bear upon stock such as recalls as well as back orders. These notices will be recorded at the topmost of every drug page as according to the drug name and prescription settings menu.

What are the payment mode do you accept?

Supergenericviagra.com can accept various modes of payment and all are flexible and dynamic. The various modes of payment are as follows: MasterCard, E-check and Western Union. All the aforementioned modes of payment are accessible and accepted in the USA. The payment will be recognized in the form of US Dollars.

Is your pharmacy licensed?

It is becoming easier and easier for Canadians to buy drugs online. A speedy internet search will turn up 100s, if not 1000s, of websites selling drugs. It could seem favorable and low-budget, but purchasing drugs online could lead the patient to sincere health risks. Yes, our pharmacies are accredited and licensed and of high quality and resourcefulness.

Do I need an original prescription at the time of delivery?

Sale related to drugs is registered under diverse laws. Government of US has authorized mandatory prescription for definite medicines. While a couple of pharmacies might consider your orders devoid of a prescription, we do not permit the pharmacies in our network think of orders without prescriptions, and all lead generations are merely on the foundation of a legal prescription. This guarantees you acquire the precise medication.

How do I know the medicines delivered are authentic?

All the medical drugs that are sold at Supergenericviagra.com are very risk-free to obtain, secure and authorized. All the generic drugs that are sold on Supergenericviagra.com comprise the combat-ready element as found in the brand medications procurable in the market. These generic drugs only differ in colour as well as shape.