Payment Options

Our the reputed viagra online pharmacy offers various payment options for our customer to purchase medicines hassle-free. Millions of people all around the globe accessing our pharmacy to get medicine, so we are trying our best to give multiple payment methods to our customers.

Payment options we currently offer to our customers are Debit Card Payment, Credit Card payment, e-checks, and Western Union. We are giving multiple payment options to our customers to make payment very easy and safely.

E-check is one of the major payment options we are providing to our customers, those who do not have payments cards or Western Union. A customer can place the order from our website without any payment and they can pay the bill with the help of e-check. It is the method which is very similar to a paper check. Filling out e-check is very simple and convenient. You need to enter your bank account number and the amount of your total medical bill. Once we received your payment through e-check we commence shipping your product.

Paying for your order through credit or debit card is one easy way of online payment. If you choose this option in your cart, the page will navigate to the payment gateway. Customers need to provide card details like card number, name and CVV number in that page to make the payment. We assure that card details provided by the customer will be kept safe in our database. You need not have to bother about information theft or breach in our website. Our engineers built this website with full data protection and you can give your card details with no doubts.  However, we request all our customers to log off your account from our website once the order is placed. There are chances that others might misuse your information provided to us with the help of your account.

Those people who have queries about online payment can contact our customer care service team. In fact, our customer service representative would also help you to place the order and make payment through the phone call.

Online payment option can help you to purchase the medication very easily. Just entering details about your card would make you be less worried about the payment.  Once again we assure that all your account details will be saved and secured. Make a stress-free medication purchase through our website.