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The Womera medication is primarily used by women for the treatment of loss of interest in having sex with their partner. This medicine works by enhancing the sensation and stimulation in the female body to enable her to have a pleasurable sex. In simple words, the medication enables the flow of blood in a higher ratio to the sexual organs of the female and enable these organs ripe for perceiving sexual intimacy. The Sildenafil active ingredients have been present in Womera medication hence it is associated with the sexual problem treatment in women and men alike. It is always suggested to consult the physician and ensure that you are taking an appropriate dosage as this might help to avoid the side effects. Buy cheap Womera at It is an approved medication for female sexual intercourse. This medicine is specially designed and manufactured for women sexual problem. In most of the countries, this medication is traded under the brand name of female Viagra. Rayh Health Care, a renowned pharmacy organization has manufactured the generic version of this pill.

How should take Womera and what will be the ideal dosage?

Women remedy helps to enhance the blood flow into the vaginal parts of the female sexual organs. Medication also makes the sexual parts of a female delicate to any protection caused during the intercourse. Therefore, women are able to exploit pleasurable during the sexual activity. The initial prescribed dosage of Womera is 100mg. You can purchase the same dosage strength at Buy Womera online at this drugstore in order to treat sexual disinterest. The recommended dosage of this generic medication is one pill per day. The dosage ought not to increase without consulting the doctor. Suppose if your prescribed dosage does not provide effectiveness, then get the advice from the healthcare professional. Don’t overdose on this medicine as it might lead to severe side effects. Take this medicine with a full glass of water or any other health drinks that does not perform any interaction with Sildenafil citrate. When you are taking this pill, it is advisable to wait for sometime to get the results because the medicine usually started to work within 60 to 90 minutes and for some women, it works within 30 to 45 minutes after consuming the pill properly.

What are the adverse effects of Womera 100mg?

Womera is female Viagra with its active ingredient of Sildenafil which is a major component for the treatment of loss of interest in sex. Mild side effects have been associated majorly with this drug. These mild adverse effects can disappear quickly. Such adverse reactions are difficulty in breathing, pimples, swelling of face or lips or tongue, dry mouth, faint, chest pain, body pain and anesthetized. The major side might be sudden vision loss, hearing loss, nausea, sweating, irregular heartbeat, vision changes, shortness of breath, lightheaded and tremor. These adverse reactions are rarely found in women. In case, where these adverse reactions are noticed, a doctor consultation is keen to do.

What precautions are essential to buy Womera, Female Viagra Online?

Precautions are mandatory and necessary regardless of any medication nature. Womera medicine might cause mild adverse effects and it is 100% safe drug for the treatment of sex lethargy. Further Womera pill has precautions as well. Patients who are allergic to the Sildenafil citrate should avoid taking this tablet because Sildenafil can interact with the nitrates which have been produced during the time of sexual activity. Females should avoid using this medicine if already under the nitrate medicine prescription. Patients who suffer from Angina ought not to take this medication yet the sexual activity can influence the Angina. Take this tablet after low-fat food or before a meal. Never take alcohol while using this medicine as it can increase adverse reactions. Further, avoid taking any other drugs for loss of interest in sex. It is necessary to keep the medicine away from children and another person except you. Keeping this medication in a dry place and away from direct sunlight is fairly important to follow.Check the expiration period before using this medication. Dumped the expired tablets in the safest method. First-time users should get the consultation from a doctor before decided to buy Womera.

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